Product Review Studio
[vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Product reviews in the USA is driving sales records through the roof. It a wonder that we in this country have not tapped into this simple way of driving sales. Imagine sending a WhatsApp to your clients with your “specials” and new arrivals or just a new adjustment in a menu or what applies to your business and the urge to share kicks in. They then pass /share this video to other people who you don’t know and they become clients.
We have set up a studio in which for a minimal investment amount, you can create a high quality video that you can use for as long as you want. We know you are wondering how much will this be, what we do is we show you the value chain and you tell us how much you believe it’s worth.  We work with your budget.  In our studio, we review products, brands, services, businesses, personalities, Organizations, in fact every businesses and product.
This is new and our value structure shows that it a win for all.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column]
Combined Community Advertising
[vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]A series of business within the same or close by localities can be profiled together. Our team of Trends Researchers, Writers, Videographers, Motion graphics people and photographers will create powerful and marketing content around your business and the community that you operate in. We film it in a very interesting manner allowing for your clients to connect with your business and increase the foot traffic into your place of business. This is an innovative and affordable way of advertising since the investment amounts are shared between all the businesses profiled in the video. We bring in an energetic individual who presents the community and you can present your business if you choose to while we cut in between what the presenters says and what the business owner says about his/her business. It so fun and interesting and is sure to capture all audiences and bring them to your place of commerce

Product Review Studio  and Combined Community Advertising Value Chain

The new word for small businesses is “Smart Businesses” this is befitting seeing that these “smart businesses” operate in a smart environment where most of their clients are likely to be owners of a smart device. It helps us show our value chain in what we do.

It helps us define for ourselves why we do what we do. Our course is to assist all small/smart businesses to access affordable advertising by streamlining our set of activities that make it simple to achieve. Once the client is on board with our special offers, we develop a story around their business; we design a short punchy script to capture the message.

We work with client to design a written message map that gives a message about their company or business in a short, concise and straightforward manner. We bring the client into the studio and film the message. Our highly qualified team then edits the filmed message and its delivered on all the valued adding platforms as listed below.

Our Combine Value Chain for all our Clients.

1.    One Minute High Quality Video

2.    We upload it on our You Tube channel for life and promote it

3.    We load it on our Facebook page

4.    We share it on our Google plus page

5.    We add it to our website

6.    Share the link on our twitter

7.   2 month free broadcast on all our screens in Johannesburg and Pretoria – those that are not the same business

8.    We give you the video to you.

9.    We load it on our Video Business directory

10. We load it on our Mobile App (Still in Development)

11. Include your business card in our “extended Brochure” published every 3 months and distributed for free where we have our screens and other places of interest.