Personal Branding
[vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Personal branding is not about anyone who can put a sign up or can design a set of business cards cum logo etc. Personal Branding is simple. It means a manner in which you position yourself and what you do in a way that you tower above everyone else. Simply put, it’s the way of telling your personal story so well that you demand how much you get paid for doing so. Monata media understands this; by weaving cutting edge insights of trends and market place informatics to design a branding message for you that’s more about what you can give and how you can add holistic value to anyone who interacts with you in your area of expertise and personal leadership. Its about exploring your authenticity and bringing that to your clients so that they can see your worldview and what you can bring to an organization that will help move them forward. Personal Branding is a careful and consistent manner of creating opportunity for your clients to see your personality and it wholeness in a crowded market place of personal enterprises.
To give you the best results, we need to; as we work with you, understand your brand attributes, your personal brand personality – why for example you like certain colours and how you interpret and relate to the world around you.

How you look, appearance, plus how you act = Your Personal Brand.
What is your “Executive Presence”? That differentiation between everyone with everything ease being the same and you.
How do you convey these to a Master Talent Acquirer – cum Human Resource Director who has seen all kinds of Curriculum Vitae that are out there?
“Gravitas” – Authoritative Behavior
Confidence, composure
Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, interpersonal skills
Clear personal “brand” reputation
Vision for leadership
Strong speaking skills  – Voice tone, clear articulation, grammatical speech convey competence, credibility

The best way to convey everything above is through high quality video profile or video CV.

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